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Archaeological Tourism

Romanian Association for Archaeological Tourism


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"Experiencing the ART..."

At first I wanted to make sense of a Happening. Gradually, IT became a DisCovered Reality which led me in the upstrem of... all Usual Habits. I remained True to the UnUsual, in country like Romania, with the cost of: friendships, antipathies, or time with loved ones.
Above all else... it remains the passion to get things where, eventually, they become a beginning for the others.

Vlad Totoianu

Inquisitive nature and passion for tradition, people and places helped me cultivate my imagination and my love for the history to increase.
And, as things were going and we all have a destiny, my steps were brought together alog with others like me.
Together we tried and sill try to find a solid Bond between past and present for those who will follow our work and passion.

Lucian Comsa

Through the Archaeological Tourism, material and spiritual culture of the Romanian people seem to be a true outdoor gallery.
Over the years, scientists, archaeologists, historians and expert institutions in Romania have repeatedly protested against the destruction of archaeological treasures. Today, It's my time to protest.
The Archaeological Discoveries so far in Romania?.. How they could be emphasized to enhance the touristic potential of the country? .. We have our way...
Follow us... from Dream and Reality.

Sorin Gheorghe

"Who are we ?"... a question not anymore answered, because we only care about "What We're going to be?"
"Who We were ?"... a forgotten question, since the main issue is "Who are we?"
Do not understand that I'm less ignorant than the others. But,.. I know that these questions do not belong to the historians only. The same with the answers ...
ARTA INTRAMUROS - A Start for those who "will know" what we should have been..

Maria Onu

Active members:

Vlad Totoianu
Gabriel Mihaila
Sorin Gheorghe
George Tanase

Some boulders stacked together or the Remains of a prehistoric fortification? Some garbage pits or the Furnaces where the ore was first melted to be converted into weapons and tools? Cold and dark caves or places that once served as sanctuaries to our ancestors?

Ignorance or Duty to our National Heritage?

It's up to us!.. to make a difference. Passion for the Past it's part of the human soul and has always cast a fascinating attraction to humanity.

Archaeological Tourism "offers" for the ones involved in this field, the chance to be another kind of Indiana Jones, "armed" with a laptop, GPS and modern technology, instead of a pistol and a whip. All this for a single discovery or the research of historical vestiges. In those enigmatic places, raptured in a magical atmosphere, The Tourist experiences a rushed pace of Live-Knowledge going on. In this Event,.. he will find himself tourned into an apprentice of the Old Lost Craft.

We invite you to join us in the discovery of the Archaeological Tourism in Romania.

Gabriel Mihaila

Joining together Tourism and Archeology isn't a new ideea at all... Elsewhere! "The Ruins" along we Live our lifes and step our Steps, unobserved and unnoticed, are a simple proof.

Archaeological Tourism may be another way of living the life... for some professionals who may have been lost in colloquial and extravagant details. What would follow, will be a different attitude.

First of all, Archaeological Tourism means - to wonder. Then, awareness. Finally we may talk openly about Belonging, as it wasn't yet done.

About landmarks and signs - in a "non-romanian-academical" way, but in a reasonable way. Next, it's about the Labor of Those who believe We are Here not as a pestilence in the Carpathians, the Danube and the Pontus. Success will be of the chosen ones,.. transitory or repeatedly. Archaeological Tourism is the new S.P.A.:.. Sanitas per Archeologiae ...

George Tanase